The Adventure Bay residents are people that the PAW Patroloften drive past or are just shown in a episode, living out their daily lives.

Personality Edit

Rarely, the residents have speaking roles, with the exception of a few moments where one of them can be heard saying "Elephant at the crossing!" or "I'm so hungry I could eat a..." (from "Pups Save the Circus") but don't have a massive amount of dialogue. They also tend to simply scream. In most episodes the residents don't speak or scream, they just wave or cheer at the PAW Patrol.

Appearance Edit

The residents vary in age and appearance, and are mostly adults.

Catchprases Edit

  • "Hey look, it's the PAW Patrol! Go, pups, go!"

Appearances Edit

The Adventure Bay residents appear almost in every episode, but they are usually spotted in the background encouraging/cheering for the pups.